OC Powerlifters At State Games

Seven OC powerlifters competed at the Cornhusker State Games over the weekend, finishing third as a team with several medalists.  

“It was a great time to be in Lincoln last weekend which kicked off Friday night with the opening ceremonies at Seacrest Field near Lincoln East High School,” said coach Jeff Shabram. “The night was highlighted by the skydivers bringing in the American flag, the athlete pledge, the torch lighting, and the fireworks display. The flippenout trampoline stuntmen were also a fan favorite.”

The powerlifting championships were held on Saturday at Lincoln Northeast High School.  It was a sanctioned AAU meet with numerous state and national records set by many adult and teen lifters.  

Shabram said it was a large meet (118 lifters) with a full line-up of extremely stiff competition from around Nebraska.  

Gold medalists for OC were Larissa Thomson, 123 lb raw class; Wyatt Shabram, 97 lb equipped class (full meet and ironman); Trevor Thomson, 148 lb raw class; Derek Maxwell, 181 lb equipped class; and Gunnar Shabram, 181 lb equipped class (ironman).  

Silver medalists were Gunnar Shabram, 181 lb equipped class (full meet); and Jeff Shabram 242 lb raw master class (full meet AND bench only).  Rafe Grebin won a bronze medal in the 132 lb raw class.

“The OC lifters were up for the challenge and represented our team and school very well,” Shabram said. “ All Cyclone lifters medaled in their respective age/weight class.  And again,many personal bests were set at this meet in all three categories (squat, bench and deadlift).”

The powerlifting season will officially begin for the 2019-20 season on Saturday, December 7, with the Lexington High School Powerlifting Meet.


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