Lady Warriors vs OC

The Neligh-Oakdale Lady Warriors snagged another win against the Orchard-Clearwater Cyclones 35-26 Tuesday, Jan. 15.  

The Lady Warriors were in the lead the entire game. In the first quarter, N-O sank 7 points and OC scored 6. In the second quarter, Lady Warriors nailed 10 points while the Cyclones made 7. 

In the third quarter, N-O sank 9 points while the Cyclones made 5 and during the fourth quarter, the Lady Warriors made an additional 9 and the Cyclones, 8. 

Sophomore Paige Furstenau was the leading scorer with 20 points. Trinity Kurpgeweit led the team in rebounds with 10, followed by Haley Kerkman with 9. Paige Furstenau had 8, Brook Frey, 2 and Claire Whitesel, 1. 

Scoring by quarter

NOHS  7  10  9  9  35

OC      6   7   5  8  26

Individual stats

Brooke Frey 3p, 2r, 1s; Claire Whitesel 3p, 1r, 2s; Trinity Kurpgeweit 4p, 10r, 1s; Paige Furstenau 20p, 8r; Haley Kerkman 5p, 9r, 1s. 


The Neligh-Oakdale Warriors traveled to Orchard Tuesday, Jan. 15, where they defeated the OC Cyclones 63-53. 

During the first quarter, OC scored 13 points while N-O charged ahead with 17. In the second quarter, the Cyclones made 17 points while the Warriors nailed 16. At the half, N-O led by three points. 

The third quarter was neck and neck with the Warriors scoring 13 while the Cyclones slammed 15, making the score 46-45. During the fourth quarter, OC scored eight points, but it wasn’t enough to overtake N-O who made an addition 17. 

Cole Belitz slammed 20 points, leading the team. Austin Rice had the most rebounds with 15. Isiac Kurpgeweit wasn’t far behind him with 12. 

Scoring by quarter

NOHS  17  16  13  17  63

OC      13  17  15   8   53

Individual stats

Cole Belitz 20p, 7r; Julien Hearn 6p, 5r; Beau Murray 9p, 1s; Hunter Charf 4p, 3r; Isiac Kurpgeweit 11p, 12r, 2s; Austin Rice 13p, 15r, 1s.


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