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The Antelope County News accepts Letters To The Editor from residents and former residents of Antelope County. To give an opportunity to the greatest number of writers, no individual's work will be published more than once every 30 days in a publication owned by Pitzer Digital LLC. Letters to the Editor should be 350 words or less. The writer's name and city are required to be published with each letter posted. We do not withhold names or allow the use of initials or pseudonyms.Letters must be signed. Anonymous letters will not be posted, printed or responded to by the Antelope County News. By submitting a letter, writers agree to editing for length or accuracy. Letters must include the writer’s name, address and a daytime phone number for confirmation. We do not publish form letters, poetry, letters written to other publications or letters directed to individuals.Letters submitted to the Antelope County News may be published in print, electronic or other forms. Letters to the Editor are not the opinion of Pitzer Digital LLC, Antelope County News, its staff or subsidiaries.

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