About Us

The Antelope County New is the only publication covering all of the county and is make up of the Orchard News, Neligh News & Leader and Clearwater Record-Ewing News.

Owned by Pitzer Digital LLC, headquarters are located at 314 M Street in Neligh.

Pitzer Digital LLC was founded in 2013 and launched into media in January 2014 with an online-only venture with the Antelope County News, which was designed to serve the local area with digital coverage that heavily utilizes social media, including FacebookInstagramTwitter and Snapchat. It has grown to become a full news site and one of Northeast Nebraska's most trusted medias.

With accurate and timely breaking news coverage, along with videos, features and sports, the ACN has become Antelope County's most popular website with one of the highest social media engagement ratios of all media in the state. 

In an unprecedented moved - going from digital to print - Pitzer Digital purchased The Orchard News newspaper in early 2016 from John and Lucy Ferguson. The newspaper is now the Antelope County News/Orchard News and based in Neligh. It is now the fastest growing community newspaper in the state, having more than doubled subscriptions and over the counter sales in a matter of months of the purchase. It also was named the 2018 & 2019 top weekly newspaper in the state by the Nebraska Press Association.

In 2017, Pitzer Digital bought the Bloomfield Monitor and transformed it into the Knox County News print edition. In June 2019, Pitzer Digital expanded by purchasing the Neligh News & Leader and bringing it into the county news family, as well as the Clearwater Record-Ewing News and Creighton News. 

Neligh News & Leader was founded in 1879.

Clearwater’s first newspaper - “The Clearwater Headlight” - began publication in 1887. During the late 1890s, the Headlight faded and a new paper started printing. The “Clearwater Message,” or possibly “The Messenger,” operated for a handful of years.

In 1901, the “Messenger” changed names once again, and became the “Clearwater Record,” with F.S. Delany serving as editor. After several owners, the newspaper sold to Fred Peterson. The next owner was Loren Fry of Neligh, with Carrol Schneckloth as editor, followed by Donald Russell, then Les Reiss. 

The first newspaper in the town of Ewing was the “The Ewing Democrat,” founded in 1886, by H.H. Claiborne. That venture did not last long.  A second paper by the same name was published by J.A. or O.C. Bates in June 1888 until 1892. Bates had worked in the newspaper business in Red Oak, Iowa. John Trommershausser also worked with the Democrat.

The “Ewing Item,” published by Clarence Selah, was published around the same time.  In Dec. 1891, George Butler and a cooperative company of Populists founded the “People’s Advocate.” Other owners include Cole, Primus, Raker, Wood, and Benson. 

R.B.Crellin became editor in 1921 and in 1927, changed the name to “The Ewing Advocate.” Miss Thelma Drayton bought and operated the paper until 1951, when it was combined with the “Clearwater Record,” owned by Loren Fry. Fry also operated the Neligh News & Leader.

After Fry’s death in 1983, Sidney Charf took over the operation. Debra Bauer, Fry’s daughter, served as manager and editor of the “Clearwater Record/Ewing News,”  Esther Herley and Ocea Kirchner were long time employees.

In 2003, Dave and Joan Wright of Neligh acquired the Clearwater Record/Ewing News. Pitzer Digital, LLC, owned by Carrie & Wade Pitzer, purchased Clearwater Record/Ewing News in 2019 and expanded the publication.