DATE: June 12th 2019 at Community Room.    

Chairman Jim Meuret called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. with a Roll Call: Present were Craig Forbes, Joe Rumsey, Ed Wahrer and Guest: Mike Masat and Kate Ostenrude 

Ed Wahrer made a motion, seconded by Joe Rumsey to approve the minutes from the last meeting.  All ayes, motion carried.  

Ed Wahrer made a motion, seconded by Joe Rumsey to approve the agenda.  All ayes, motion carried.

The Board reviewed the monthly bills and wages and Treasurer’s Report.  Joe Rumsey made a motion, seconded by Ed Wahrer to pay the monthly bills and wages and approve the Treasurer’s Report.  All ayes, motion carried.

Clerk Krystal Buck stated that she had received something from the American Red Cross pertaining to the auditorium being a safe meeting spot if there was an emergency situation.  Mike Masat stated that he would fill out the form, stating that he usually fills one out every year.

Maintenance Report: Mike Masat stated that he had a diggers hotline call because there is a fiber optic line going in from the corner of 4 th and Walnut down to the King residence.  Masat stated that he had pollard come and clean out the sewer lines that were filled with sand and stated that JE Meuret Grain would pay for the clean out of the lines this time.  Chairman Meuret stated that some of the issues with the lagoon could be coming from the amount of water that is being pumped into the lagoon.  He stated that it is most likely ground water that is causing the issue because now that it is slowly drying out the issue is resolving. 

Mike Masat stated that the library was getting new flooring and when they moved the trophy case, they found that it had some water damage.  Masat stated that the library board had put the trophies out in the front entrance.  During the meeting, Masat received a call from the library board members stating that they had found termites underneath the carpet in the library.  Masat ran up to the library to see the damage and report back to the village board.  Masat stated that the termites needed attention, so it was decided to get EcoLab to come and take a look at the auditorium.   

Since that Village of Brunswick now has zoning, there will be more enforcement on getting village lots cleaned up of debris or tall grass and weeds.  The board discussed that there are a few lots in town that need attention and we need to get the proper forms in place to send out notices.  Chairman Meuret stated that it would be a good idea to send out a letter to all village residents and lot owners with more information.  Clerk Buck would be sending out the letters in the July invoices. 

Chairman’s Report: Chairman Meuret stated that it has been 20 years since the water tower has been built and it was time to schedule some maintenance.  The water tower needs the outside painted and in the next year or two it would need painted on the inside.  Meuret stated that at the July meeting he will have two bids with pricing for services and then pricing for a maintenance schedule. 

Kate Ostenrude stopped in at the end of the meeting to discuss the library termite issue.  She stated that the June library board meeting was her last meeting because she will be retiring.  She also stated that the library has started its summer reading program and has over 30 kids that are taking part in the activities. 

The Village Board entered executive session at 7:15 and served two notices.  The Village Board exited executive session at 7:17. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm, next meeting is scheduled for July 10th, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the Community Room.

Bills Approved: J & J Sanitation-$1003.01; NCPPD-$1918.60; Kumm Gas Company-$57.95; The Road Guy-$14644.67; Plainview Telephone-$32.99; CVA-$436.10; Ne Dept of Environmental Quality-$3832.47; Bomgaars-$89.27; Mike Masat Wages-$693.00; Ashlee Masat Wages-$110.00; Krystal Buck Wages-$525.00; Kate Ostenrude Wages-$0.00; -$525.00; Smart Apple-$209.83; Verizon-$23.76; Know Buddy-$19.99


Published July 24, 2019