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As the end of my freshman year of college comes to a close, I cannot help but think how quickly the year has passed by. When I was preparing to start college, I had no idea what to expect. Like many high school graduates, I was unsure of where this new life path would take me. I have always …

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Last week, during a conversation with a friend from my hometown, I realized 2019 marks my (gasp) 40th high school reunion.

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The Nebraska Legislature is considering a bill that would expand government authority over private property. Under LB424, an unelected government body known as a land bank will be able to buy and accumulate any tax-delinquent residential, commercial or industrial property as long as it is de…

“Don’t Blink.” This 2007 country music hit by Kenny Chesney is well heard of. Usually, when you think of it, you are taken back to either your’s or someone else’s high school graduation.