A string of stolen vehicles and car accidents kept law enforcement officers hopping over the weekend.

“By 8:30 Saturday morning, I had three stolen vehicles and two motor vehicle accidents,” Antelope County Deputy John Shaver recalled.

On Friday night, Deputy Shaver was called to an accident south of Oakdale. When he arrived, a 2007 Suzuki car was found about 10 rows into a cornfield near 527 Avenue, but there was no driver in sight.

Deputy Shaver said the vehicle was totaled and Matt Beckman’s corn crop received some damage as well.

After further investigation, Shaver discovered the car belonged to Douglas Jacobs, who later admitted to driving and told the deputy that he planned to have a friend pull him out. Jacobs was cited with leaving the scene of a property damage accident and failure to report.

Early Saturday morning, more calls came in. This time, from south of Neligh.

“When I was first looking at it on Saturday — I’ve got two wrecked vehicles and then I’ve got one that they attempted to steal and got it stuck before they stole another one — so I wondered if everything was connected or not,” Shaver said. “But, at this time, I believe it’s a separate incident.”

He said the first call came in at 6:52 a.m. from Barb Bode.

“She stated someone had tried taking her husband’s pickup and got it stuck in the driveway, so they walked back up and took her vehicle that had been sitting in front of the pickup,” Shaver said.

 When a Nebraska State Patrol officer and Deputy Shaver arrived, they discovered there was no damage to Ken Bode’s pickup.

“He has a steep driveway and they were trying to back it out,” Shaver said of the attempted theft. “They slid it off the driveway and high-centered it.”

When that theft failed, the perpetrators apparently took Barb Bode’s 2019 white Dodge Journey.

Tuesday afternoon Bode’s vehicle was recovered at 417 Main Street in Neligh. 

At 7:17 a.m., a motorist called to report a black wrecked vehicle. The car was found on the edge of a cornfield about 1,000 feet from the Bode residence, 3 miles north of Elgin.

“It was later learned that the accident that had happened just south of the Bode residence was a vehicle that had been stolen from Neligh earlier,” Shaver said.

The 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, owned by Dennis and Janet Francis of Neligh, was considered a total loss. There was damage to the cornfield, about one-tenth of an acre of corn, and damage to the fence, owned by Larry Borer of Elgin. Saturday’s events are still under investigation.

“It was a busy day,” Shaver said.

Currently there are no suspects for the vehicle thefts. 

If anyone has any information regarding the stolen vehicle please call the Antelope County Sheriff’s Office at 887-4148.