Summerland School

Shrieks sounded and tears were shed in front of the clerk’s office of the Antelope County Courthouse Tuesday night as unofficial results announced the passage of the Summerland School bond in all three communities of Orchard, Ewing and Clearwater.

More than a dozen people, including some who described themselves as “impatiently waiting,” hovered in the hallway as Election Commissioner Lisa Payne and her staff tallied the mail-in ballots. 

Ewing’s unofficial results were announced first with 360 cast in favor of the $34.3 million bond and 38 against. Clearwater’s results were announced next with 332 in favor and 103 against. Orchard was the last to be known with 289 votes in favor and 230 against. 

Although votes were cast in four counties — Antelope, Holt, Knox and Wheeler — the results were tabulated in just two. Antelope’s results included the ballots from Knox and Wheeler. 

Orchard voters unofficially passed the bond with 55.68 percent of the vote and have committed $14,750,000 toward the new school. Clearwater passed the bond with 75.17 percent and will contribute $9,950,000. Ewing approved the bond with 90.45 percent and have committed $9,600,000 to the new school, which will be located at the intersection of the Orchard and Summerland Roads in western Antelope County. 

The three schools will officially merge in June 2020.


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