Prosecution Rebuttal

The prosecution had one last chance to speak to the jury in a rebuttal before the Bailey Boswell trial ended for the day on Tuesday — and Mike Guinan told them Boswell was not "meek" as her attorney suggested.

Boswell and her co-defendant Aubrey Trail are the "yin and the yang" in this crime, Guinan said.

"She's right there with him through thick and thin," he said. "She wasn't brainwashed. It was the both of them."

The "evolution of Bailey Boswell" showed her becoming a dominatrix and the one who continued to talk of killing, even after other women left, Guinan told the jury. He suggested that Trail and Boswell shared the same "deepest darkest desires."

"They had the same goal. And they achieved it," Guinan said. "None of this gets out of the starting gate without Bailey Boswell. Without her, we don't have a victim."

He dismissed the defense attorney's suggestion that Boswell was victimized and controlled by Trail. 

"We already have a victim in this case — and our victim's name is Sydney Loofe," Guinan said.

The trial has adjourned for the day and will reconvene tomorrow with the judge's instructions to the jury. Once the jury begins deliberations, they will be sequestered and can work as long as needed to reach their verdict.

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