Emergency Water Restriction

The Village of Oakdale has issued a Water Emergency Notice.

Residents are asked to conserve water on Thursday, Sept. 26, as the village wells will be offline for up to 24 hours. No watering of yards, gardens or any outside hydrant usage will allowed.

This is due to bringing all new equipment online and testing for both village well.

The related ordinance is listed below:

Per village ordinance: Section 7-230

Water Emergency; Voluntary Conservation Measures

Upon the declaration of water watch or water warning, the village chairman is authorized to call on all water consumers to employ voluntary water conservation measures to limit or eliminate water uses including but not limited to limitations on the following uses: (A) sprinkling of water on lawns, shrubs or trees, including golf courses; (B) washing of automobiles; © use of water in swimming pools, fountains and evaporative air conditioning systems; and (D) waste of water.