Neligh Dinosaur

"Mark, did you know there is a dinosaur in the backyard?"

Jennifer Ervin of Neligh didn't think she would ever utter those words, but that was the question she posed to her husband on Tuesday morning.

After a storm blew through Neligh on Monday night, a large green, inflatable dinosaur was lying among the downed debris from the couple's black walnut trees.

Mark Ervin said he spotted it around 8 a.m. when he went out to walk their dog, Sully, but had taken a different route home and had forgotten it was there until his wife asked him about it.

The Ervins are currently keeping the dinosaur safe until it is claimed. 

"I used my old skills as a lifeguard to revive and resuscitate him," Mark joked. "I only assume it’s a him... we placed him on our porch in hopes that, should some family be out looking for him, they’d see him and claim him. He’s quite happy here though. I do not discount the possibility, given our proximity to the park, that, like Sully, he got to too big and expensive to feed and was abandoned by the river. Not to mention the imminent threat he may have posed to little children and small dogs…"

In all seriousness, Mark said you may stop by or text him at 402-929-0786 to claim the dinosaur.


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