Parker Napier Lawn Service

Parker Napier, 12 of Ewing, not only started his own lawn mowing service, but he even took out a loan for his equipment. 

A 12-year-old Ewing entrepreneur is seeing plenty of green this summer.

Parker Napier spent the past several summers push mowing his neighbor’s lawns, but the soon-to-be-seventh-grader wanted to expand, so he did what most business owners do — he took out a loan.

“It was kind of scary, but it was exciting, too,” said Parker, who is the son of Chad and Karen Napier of Ewing.

Parker, who is now mowing 13 lawns per week, said they went to the bank during lunch at school to sign the loan papers for his first riding mower, which he bought from Brett Kaczor.

“It’s a 50-inch Toro, zero turn, with a Kawasaki motor. It’s one of the better motors,” Parker said proudly.

Kaczor, who manages Ewing Family Foods, said it’s not uncommon for Parker to stop by the store, buy a drink and visit with him for a while — just like the adults.

“I wish there were more kids like him. He’s always been a real go-getter,” Kaczor said. “To go out and get a loan, he’s way beyond his years. I can’t imagine being 12 and doing that. It really shows how smart of a kid he is and how devoted and motivated he is.”

A nine-month loan, Parker had the entire principal paid off in just two months after thatching yards in the spring. Each check, he said, went directly to the bank.

Kaczor commended Chad and Karen Napier for being such good role models for Parker and instilling his work ethic.

“He has the right set of parents to put him on the right track,” Kaczor said. “They’ve instilled the fact that you earn what you reap. He wanted more business and took out a loan for that mower.”

Kaczor, who also mowed lawns as a youth, said it never occurred to him at that age to take out a loan for a mower. He also never would have purchased advertising, but that’s exactly what Parker did. He has business cards, flyers and even a sign at the baseball field, advertising Parker’s Lawn Service.

“I play baseball, so I can tell we need better equipment and other things,” Parker said about supporting the baseball program. “This helps to advertise my business and to get them extra money to do things, too.”

Parker already is planning ahead. He said this mower has quite a few hours on it, so he’s trying to decide whether he should trade it off for a new mower. Of course, that would mean another loan to pay off.

“If I get a new mower, I’ll need more yards, but I hope that this can get bigger,” he said. “I hope in high school that I don’t have to go to another business and work there. I hope I can work for my own business.”


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