Todd Lancaster

Bailey Boswell’s attorney told the jury that prosecutors showed them graphic images of Sydney Loofe’s dismembered body to “upset” and “distract” them from the facts.

“Photographs they didn’t have to show you,” Todd Lancaster said during his closing arguments on Tuesday.

Lancaster suggested that if “it’s a close case,” the photos are meant to push jurors “over the edge.”

Although he agrees that this trial is not all about Boswell’s co-defendant Aubrey Trail, the defense attorney said Trail’s actions still need to be considered.

“Otherwise, it’s like talking about the Titanic and not talking about the iceberg at all,” Lancaster said.

He went on to say “it’s pretty clear Aubrey Trail was the one who killed Sydney Loofe” and that Boswell was “subservient to Aubrey Trail.” Lancaster said Trail — who’s “not George Clooney” — used vulnerable women, including Boswell, for sex and illegal activity in exchange for money and nice things. 

“That’s why they’re all hanging around this creepy guy,” he said.

Lancaster said Boswell didn’t have the “same intent” as Trail and alleged “this is where the state falls short.” He said Trail was also the one who dismembered Loofe’s body, but the defense attorney didn’t completely dispute Boswell’s charge of improper disposal of human remains.

“She may have been told to ‘Go get stuff, so I can clean up,’” Lancaster suggested.

He likened Trail to “Charles Manson” and other sociopaths who “convince people to do things they normally wouldn’t do” because of threats or manipulation.

Prosecutor Mike Guinan is now offering his rebuttal.