Jeremy McConnell

RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE • A Red Cross blood drive was held at Neligh’s American Legion, Monday, June 3. Organizers said summer months are the slowest time for blood donations despite a constant demand for blood. Jeremy McConnell, of Neligh, spent a portion of his lunch break from Sargent Irrigation donating to the cause. The donation marks McConnell’s 58th pint.

Photo by L Schindler | NNL

The Neligh blood drive was held Monday, June 3 at the Neligh American Legion. The goal of 92 units was exceeded with 105 usable units given.

Donations were received from Neligh American Legion, Sargent Irrigation, State Farm, Educational Service Unit 8, Fred and Kathy Schultz, Trish and Terry Smith, First Congregational Church and Thriftway Market.

Volunteers included Stacey Mitchell, Danielle Mortensen, Joyce Cameron, Carolyn Pedersen, Norma Black, Doris Ingalls, Michelle Ingalls, Lori Murray, Carol Hanlin, Pat Blackburn, Carolyn Waterbury, Barb Matson, Janet Martin, Jeanie Juracek, Jeanne Werkmeister, Sheila Parks, Bev Hartz, Marian Pellatz, Marge Lichty, Gaylen Furstenau, Dennis Francis, Gordon Hagge, Ralph Black, Lisa Vraspir and Hannah Vraspir.

Donating were Dennis Francis, Art Sehi, Gordon Hagge, Rita Kester, Robert Kester, Brenda Rittscher, Michael Masat, Carl Pitzer, Ruth Risinger, Jim Mullins, Dave Haselhorst, Keith Peterson, Wanda Cornett, Phil Hart, Jeff Doerr, Joe Hartz, Kathy Sauser, Jane Ruterbories, Andrew Herley, Anne Hemenway, Jenny Higgins, Jim Koenig, Brian Hain, Gwen Jacobsen, Dane Nielsen, Jerry Torres, Vince Sauser, Lori Jones,

Terry Heithoff, Ronald Weber, Kathryn Koenig, Rhonda Heithoff,

Adam Mortensen, Russell Milliken, Marlene Petersen, Walt Patras, Jon Peterson, Patricia Smith, Charlene Hughes, Jeanie Juracek, Ray Ahrens, Abigale Payne, Jessica Niewohner, Michael Ingalls, Jr., Karen Doerr, Bonnie Jennings, Jayne Michaelson, Max Knust, Peter Sample, Gail Knust, Diane Dicke, Cameron Nielsen, Wayne Thiele, Rose Sternberg, Lisa Vraspir, Anthony Nelson, Ryan Cleveland, Dewayne Voborny, Warren Pellatz, Terry Novak, Ben Zegers, Elleah Wiebelhaus, David Jacobsen, Roxana McNally,

Char Carpenter, Jeff Kerkman, Tracy Sehi, Terry Smith, Steve Kuester, Dan Schrage, Aleacia Rix, Julie Harrison, Danielle Klabenes, Anita Donason, Freb Krebs, Stacey Mitchell, Manuel Parra, Collin Harrison, Jeremy McConnell, Emily Anderson, Nicole Bode, Michael J. Seier, Denise Pilcher, Dick Gallagher, Shelly Furstenau, Taylor Smith, Michelle Carothers, Jack Hixson,

Martha Eilers, Stephen Lordemann, Cherylle Arends, Bob Larson, Gayle Pudenz, Christian Carothers, Jennifer Ervin, Matthew Thomas, Jeff Krebs, Danielle Mortensen and Terri Schade.

Receiving recognition with gallon pins included Roxana McNally, eight gallons; Warren Pellatz, nine; Ronald Weber, 10 and Ray Ahrens, 12 gallons.  


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