Antelope County Courthouse

Antelope County has released details of the internal investigation by Woods & Aitken law firm into an alleged theft of a heater. 

At last week’s meeting commissioners voted 3-2 to revoke client-attorney privilege with their attorney to publicly release details about the investigation that cost the county about $10,000 in fees. Allan Bentley and Dean Smith voted in favor of releasing the information while Eli Jacob and Charlie Henery voted against. Chairman Tom Borer cast the deciding vote in favor.

The document, which has “privileged and confidential memorandum” written across the top, detailed an interview with Road Superintendent Casey Dittrich and other road crew who were not identified. Dittrich specifically  requested no names be released to the public. In the board’s motion last week, they instructed only the person being investigated be identified. 

The memorandum stated that Woods & Aitken was asked “to conduct the investigation of Eli Jacob, Antelope County Commissioners and road crew employee, stemming from the alleged theft of a heater from the Orchard barn in January 2019.”

The memorandum alleged that Jacob instructed employees help load a heater into “his county-issued truck and took it to his house.” The memorandum stated that county employees contacted Dittrich, which lead to a criminal investigation of Jacob. 

The memorandum also alleges two other incidents again Jacob, one of which Jacob alleged was “at the direction of Dittrich. Dittrich denies this.”

The memorandum was part of an internal investigation by the county, which followed an investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol


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