Antelope County Commissioners

Marlin Conry, project manager for the Thunderhead Wind Energy project, owned by Invenergy LLC, set to begin construction yet this year, told the Antelope County Commissioners Tuesday, June 4, the company wants to contribute to the county "in some fashion", to build and repair roads in the southwest portion of the county which would be used as part of the road agreement for the new turbine project.

One road of interest is "ZigZag Road" between Clearwater and Elgin. A portion of the road could be included in the road use agreement which means Invenergy road crews would build the road to accommodate oversized heavy loads.

If Invenergy fixed the road, which is severely damaged to the point of no asphalt in some areas, it would save the county funds to repair the roadway.

Although Invenergy hasn't finalized the locations of all turbine or roads to be used, Conry asked for the Commissioners' input as to what roads they would like the company to use for transportation and construction.

A majority of the turbines for the 300 megawatt farm, will be located in Antelope County.

Antelope County Road Superintendent Casey Dittrich said the county could grind up what asphalt remains on the ZigZag Road and use it to repair the asphalt roadway that comes out of Clearwater to the west.

Dittrich urged the board to consider the offer from Invenergy, which would help alleviate county funding to repair the roads.

In other matters, the board:

• heard reports from county librarians who asked for financial assistance for the upcoming year

• approved cash in lieu of utilizing the county's health insurance at a rate of $400 per individual and $750 per family

• heard Zoning Administrator Liz Doerr provide the May report. The department received building permit applications for three grain bins, a pole shed, barn with living quarters, two lot splits, a house and shop addition and the Ponderosa Acres Subdivision near Tilden, owned by Keith Dittrich

• heard Veteran Service officer Tom Nelson's report

• approved two electrical underground permits

• heard County Assessor say a bill, passed by the Nebraska Legislature, does not include reducing property valuations due to water standing in crop land, rather, is directed at destroyed property

• approved claims in the amount of $9,000 to MARX Repair and $78,000 to Kayton's


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