Road complaints

ROAD COMPLAINTS • Several members of the rural Clearwater area spoke at the Tuesday, June 5, Antelope County Commissioners' meeting, including  left to right, Dennis Sanne, Leonard Kerkman and Merlin Bolling.


Former Antelope County Supervisor Merlin Bolling sat in front of the Antelope County Commissioners, Tuesday, June 5, asking when the county roads near Clearwater were going to be fixed.

"I know there are places where the roads are completely destroyed and people are driving off the road surface to get around them. They are in the ditch," said Bolling.

Commissioner Charlie Henery was the first to address Bolling saying, "One problem that we got is we are trying currently as we speak to dry out windrows. We have not been able to get windrows dried to have patching stuff."

Road Superintendent Casey Dittrich said 848 Rd., also known as the Sargent Road, would be completed that day.

Leonard Kerkman asked the commissioners why they didn't use hot mix instead of windrows.

Dittrich said the price of hot mix was cost prohibitive. He estimated hot mix patching at a price of $6.76 per square foot.

Dennis Sanne said he drove the Royal Road Monday. "I couldn't believe how slow I had to go with the pickup."

Henery said the road had been stabilized and ground and would be overlayed yet this week.

Kerkman also expressed concern with ridges left on county roads after they were graded. "It's kind of hard to mow when you got that ridge."

Bolling told the board that ridges left on the edges of the roadways were part of the reason for many washouts as the water had nowhere to go.

Commissioner Allan Bentley said the plan for the following year is to pull the edges of the roadway inward in the spring time.

Discussion was also held about the width of some county roads. Complaints were heard that "the roads keep getting wider and wider."

Bolling said overloaded trucks traveled roads and destroyed them.

Bentley said the commissioners were already looking into next year's budget to put toward roads.

He said county roads have been neglected for 30 years.

Henery said, "We can sit here and tell you how wonderful we are going to make it, but it's got to dry out."

Dittrich commended the road crew who have been working overtime. "We have guys working Saturdays and Sundays."

He told those present that those who thought the road crew should have spent more time "retrieving" is "crazy or forgot we had a flood."

A decision was made prior to the flood to not mix windrows on roadways anymore.

"You've got to be at our meetings all the time to understand our plan....You get the posse riled up."

Dittrich defended the road and bridge employees.

"It's all stuff that's either false or already handled," he said. "This isn't the time or place to bash my operators."


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